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Dr. Elliot Bolles, Ed.D

September 28, 2020

Dear PENN Parents,

It has been a very busy three weeks of virtual instruction. I again, must thank you all for the patience and positive attitude that everyone has demonstrated.  On Friday, September 25th , we received the last bunch of laptops that will allow us to each of our students… K-5 with a laptop.  1st and 2nd grade were trading in their kindles for laptops last week.  Kindergarten will be notified early this week, on when they can trade in for laptops.  In addition to the laptops we have received some HotSpots which can be used to boost wifi.  In addition, Comcast is providing internet for our families that need it.  If you have internet needs, please contact the school.

Update parent desires for 2nd Quarter.  The parent survey is being opened again for parents to share their desires for 2nd quarter.  The plans for 2nd quarter have been adjusted in the last week.  Dr. Walts has shared the new expectation for 2nd Quarter on the PWCS website.

 The 2 choices are:  1 – Remain with the same Tuesday through Friday virtual instruction we are having this quarter.  2 – Is the 50 50 Model where students will come to school for two days of the week, either Tuesday and Thursday, or Wednesday and Friday to receive in person instruction.  On their “home” days… they will be receiving virtual instruction from the teacher while the teacher is teaching in person. The teacher will have approximately 12-13 students in the room and another 12-13 on zoom simultaneously.  This is a new hybrid model.  Monday remains a planning and asynchronous day with multiple hours of work for the students.  The parent survey also asks about transportation.  So the choices are: A:  Virtual (same as 1st Quarter) B. 50 50 and need a bus C. 50 50 and do NOT need a bus.

Back to School Night for the entire district is tonight, Monday Sept 28th.  On our Penn website there is a link that takes you to your teacher’s Canvas page, where she and the grade level, have prepared an informational video for you.  Most importantly, it will talk about communication.

COVID 19: PWCS has an extensive plan to support our students and staff during the pandemic.  One of the keys to staying safe is to limit outside people from entering the building.  If you need to come to the building, please make an appointment with the office and they will schedule a time so someone will be available to assist you.  You must wear a mask when in the building and maintain at least 6 feet separation from staff and others. Please review the PWCS FAQ. It has a wealth of detailed information. 

Construction:  Just a quick reminder that PENN has been under renovation since May 2020 and it will continue until the start of school in 2021.  Please be mindful of the construction equipment/ dumpsters/ storage units you may see on the school grounds.


Thank you,

Elliot F. Bolles

Elliot F. Bolles, Ed.D.