Student Tech Checklist


  1. Does your child know their username?
    • You can find it in ParentVUE – Under Student Info on the left side.You are looking for the student’s email address.
    • Your will also find the 6 digit ID number you will need to reset your student’s password if needed.
    • You will need to get your ParentVue account.If you don’t have that information, please contact the school office.


  2. Does your child know their password?
    • Parents/ students will have to reset their Passwords at this website – they will need the following information
      • Birthdate
      • Username
      • 6 digit student number
    • Parents/ students will have to go to this website and reset it -


  3. Configure Student’s PWCS Zoom Account
    • Students will need to configure their Zoom for PWCS Zoom to be authenticated users and so teachers can accept them into Zoom meetings.
    • Go to on the internet
    • Click on Configure Account by signing in with the full username and password from steps 1 and 2
    • Video to help you -
    • After you do this on the device, you should not have to do it again. Students will then only connect to Zoom through Canvas

  4. Log into Canvas


  5. On Friday, Sept. 4 log into Canvas again, make sure you and your child see the Homeroom Course


  6. You should see a zoom link either on the left side or a button on the home page where you connect to the teacher’s zoom meeting


  7. Tell them on the first day of school, go into Canvas, click on the Zoom button and wait in the waiting room for class to start.


  8. Kindle students have Chrome on their Kindles to follow the same steps.Canvas and Zoom are saved in the Chrome Bookmarks. Also saved in the bookmarks are our website and Clever.