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Dr. Elliot Bolles, Ed.D

September 11,  2020

Dear PENN Parents!

It has been a very busy week as opened school virtually this fall.  I truly appreciate the patience and positive attitude that everyone has demonstrated as we have dealt with multiple technology challenges.  We have given out over 350 devices.  We know that Kindles are not an ideal platform for our needs but it allows students to zoom with their class and access to Canvas.  We are hopeful we will be receiving laptops to replace those Kindles soon.  I want to give a shout out to our office staff who have all become technology support personnel for assisting the parents and students who came to the school with technology challenges.   I want to thank you, our parents.  Your patience and genuine appreciation of the challenges everyone is facing has been exceptional.  Staying positive with our students as we navigate this new environment is an important step.  Next week we will continue to grow. Thank you!

Attendance:  I know many parents have been concerned with attendance this week.  All students will be marked as present this week.  We realize that computer challenges may have kept some students from getting “on” with their class. 

As we move forward, we will be monitoring attendance daily.  If we “see” a student, then he or she is marked as attending.  If your child is unable to participate live, a student can earn being marked present by completing the assignments associated with that day’s instruction.  Teachers will be recording and uploading classes which will also be available to students unable to participate live.  It is important that we account for all our students as the school year begins.

Construction:  PENN has been under renovation since May 2020 and it will continue until the start of school in 2021.  Please be mindful of the construction equipment/dumpsters/storage units you may see on the school grounds.

COVID 19: PWCS has an extensive plan to support our students and staff during the pandemic.  One of the keys to staying safe is to limit outside people from entering the building.  If you need to come to the building, please make an appointment with the office and they will schedule a time so someone will be available to assist you.  You must wear a mask when in the building and maintain at least 6 feet separation from staff and others. Please review the PWCS FAQ. It has a wealth of detailed information. 

Thank you,

Elliot F. Bolles

Elliot F. Bolles, Ed.D.