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What we've been doing in art our first month back
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Greetings from the art room. I'm so excited to join the PENN family! This first month back we are focusing on learning more about line, pattern, symmetry, overlapping, contrast and so much more. Please check out my twitter post that can be seen on the Penn home page.  Kindergarten is working on self portraits using lines and paint. They also created a flower using wavy, straight, zig zag, curly, dotted, dashed, and spirals with crayons and painted them with tempra cake paint. Kinders will continue practicing line by making a drawing of a leaf.  First grade is also working on a self portrait inspired by the book called "Do you wear a hat". In addition were also creating a turtle drawing by using the letter U and line patterns. We've created contrast in our drawing by using chalk pastel in the background.  First grade will be moving onto drawing fish inspired by Gond art.  Second grade just complete realistic insect drawing. We worked step by step on this guided drawing and then added lots of details with different kinds of lines and created patterns on our bugs. We used colored marker to add patterns and colors. The next project we are getting ready to start is inspired by the print called "the great wave" by Hokusai.  Third grade is finishing two painting projects both inspired by line. The first project is a radial design drawing using line patterns and the second is a paisley drawing done with oil pastels using symmetry and repetition shapes.  Fourth and fifth grade are just completed a building drawing inspired by St Basils Cathedral located in Moscow, Russia, and the Taj Mahal. The objectives were to create buildings of various size, over lap buildings and create different patterns on each one, and complete the project with a soft background using chalk pastel.  Fourth grade is moving on to observational leaf drawings where they will learn to draw things as they see them.  Fifth grade is moving on to drawing Stone Henge focusing on line and form.  
Posted by schultal  On Sep 20, 2018 at 9:29 PM
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