Miss Deanna Dias
Special Education Teacher
Grades K-3
Teacher of Students with ED
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Daily Do's:

1. Read for 20 or more minutes a day. You can read a book, have a book read to you, or go on Youtube and find a book that is being read out loud to you. 
2. Talk about what you read to someone. What was the story about? Who were the characters and what was the setting (where did it take place)
3. Write what your favorite part of the story was and why. Make sure to write the date and the name of the story on your paper. 
4.Keep talking about the Zones and how you are feeling every day!


April 24-Weekly Zoom class meetings will be Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10 am. If you do not have the zoom information please email me. 
April 13- Teacher Work Day
April 6-10- SPRING BREAK 
March 31- I've added some folders with daily activities and scavenger hunts that you can do! I miss you all!
March 30- Please continue to read, look at the emails I have been sending and look at Miss Moler and Mrs Elliots page! The ENCORE Specialists have also updated their pages and have some fun activities. Take a look!

 March 24- If you are in 1st grade please also look at Mrs Elliots web page for more grade level work! If you are in second grade please check out Miss Moler's class page for grade level work as well!

March 23- Hello everyone! I miss you all! I will be posting links and attachments daily to help you and your child stay up to date. If you need anything please feel free to email me, I check it often. 

Special Announcements:

Yearbooks are still on sale! They will be a great reminder of this school year we had! Please look into and consider buying one. Option to buy will end April 20th!

*Please visit the specialists schedule 

*Visit each specialists individual page too! There are so many fun things on there!


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