Mrs. Oles
4th Grade Teacher
Last Updated 5/31/20

Report cards are being sent "home" via email on Tuesday, May 5th. They will be sent to the email that you put on your child's emergency contact form. If you want to double check with your child's teacher that it is the correct email, please do so before Tuesday (or if you didn't receive it on Tuesday). 

Dr. Bolles COVID-19 Letter

4th Grade Communication

  1. Class Zoom Meetings will be held weekly. Mrs. Oles Zoom meetings are every Tuesday at 2pm. The zoom links will be sent through ClassTag & the Hub (to parent emails).

  2. Teachers will have “office hours” to answer questions from parents. Parents can email, send a ClassTag message and/or request a Zoom meeting if necessary. Mrs. Oles office hours are on Tuesday’s from 1-2pm, just prior to the class meeting.

  3. Teachers are available throughout the day during school hours 9am-3:30pm to answer emails and messages on ClassTag.

  4. Weekly Suggested Activities will be sent out on Sundays through ClassTag, the Hub and posted below.

  5. Class webpages (this one) will be updated weekly. Please read through the current suggested activities, check the files and documents for printable versions, and additional activities.

Please use the links below to access activities. All activities are also posted in the Files and Documents folder on the left of this webpage. 

4th grade June Resources:

Activities for June 1-5 (posted 5/31/20)

4th grade May Resources:

Activities for May 25-29 (posted 5/24/20)

Activities for May 18-22 (posted 5/16/20)

Activities for May 11-15 (posted 5/10/20)

Activities for May 4-8 (posted 5/4/20)

4th grade April Resources:

April Choice Board (posted 3/29/20)

April Reading & Writing Calendar

Math Calendar

Math Calendar in Spanish

Earth Day (Week) Added Activities (posted 4/19/20)

Unplugged Activities (posted 4/26/20)

Suggested Core/Encore Schedule for Monday-Friday 

Day of the Week

Core Subject


Suggested Time

Online Resources

(see Useful Links)




Link to Website

60 minutes each

ST Math


VA Studies


Link to Website

60 minutes each

Discovery Education
VA Studies Weekly



Link to Website


Link to Website

60 Minutes each

Visit PE webpage or click the specialist link below




Link to Website

60 minutes each

Discovery Education




Link to Website

60 minutes each



Don't forget to check out the Specialist Activity Menu linked below for fun tasks to do during encore time!

Specialist Activity Menu

All of the 4th grade standards by content area are posted in Files and Documents. These files will show you what students have been taught up until this point in the school year. We will not be teaching any new standards as of right now, but encourage students to review the standards already taught using DreamBox, IXL, Readworks, VA Studies Weekly, and the resources that were sent home before our closure.

PWCS published the following site Home Learning Website for parents to use at home. There are many amazing websites and it is all broken down by grade level. They even give you suggested schedules for the kids.

Latest ClassTag Announcement:


Hello all! I hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day weekend!

Attached are the activities for the week and the the PDFs that students will need in order to complete them. Remember, if you do not have a printer, no worries, just have students look at the PDFs on a device and use paper and pencil to answer. 

Report Cards are being worked on now and students that have been turning in work will have some of their grades improved. I recommend looking at the 3rd quarter report card and seeing which subjects students needed to improve in. If you have any questions, just let me know. Students that are turning in the weekly assignments and continuing to work in Readworks and IXL can easily improve a C/C+ to a B/B+ and so on. We are awaiting to hear from our technology coach how we will be able to improve the scores and whether or not it will just reflect the end average or if we can change the 3rd quarter grades.

Here is the link to this week's article again:

Here is our Zoom Meeting link and information: See your email or ClassTag message for this private information.

I will be driving home to Virginia on Tuesday, but the plan is to be in my house before our 2pm meeting. If not, I will use my cell phone and we will do our best! 

Don't forget to visit the PE Website and check out the virtual field day activities. I attached the letter from Mrs. Horn and Ms. Ross. And here is the link again for the activities and tutorial videos: 

Family Packet: 

Video Demonstrations:

As always, thank you for your continued support. I have heard through the grapevine that our administration is working on how to get students belongings to them in the next few weeks. I will keep you posted along the way! 

Lindsay Oles

(All 4th grade teachers will be available to contact through Class Tag and e-mail if you have any further questions. If you are not signed up and receiving Class Tag messages, please e-mail me for directions.)

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April 13, 2020
Virtual Schoolhouse begins this week! While no new instruction will be happening it does not mean that the learning has stopped! Your second grade teachers have put together suggested weekly activities. You can find these activities posted in the Files and Documents section of this web page and they will be emailed to you if you have an email address in the HUB system.  Please check out the Division FAQ Page for more information and resources for Home Learning in Prince William County. I'm also happy to help via email or messaging.

Our class is meeting regularly using Zoom meeting. This is a great opportunity for students to see one another and to connect with the class. Please let Ms. Moler know if you have not received information about the time and dates of these meetings.

Lastly, please consider ordering a yearbook if you have not already done so. Yearbooks can be ordered online by going to the Lifetouch Website. You will need our school's Yearbook ID code - 13279320. Place your orders by April 19, 2020!

April 6, 2020
At the School Board Meeting on April 1, 2020 Dr. Waltz discussed continuity of learning moving forward for the rest of the school year. You can read his full remarks here. During this speech, Dr. Waltz mentioned redo opportunities and grading considerations for 3rd quarter. If you are concerned about your child's end of year grades please hold on to work items completed by your child from our weekly activities. We may be able to utilize these projects and activities as evidence to some of our learning objectives. We are awaiting further guidance on grading and should have more information after Spring Break.

Please continue to use our weekly activities and resources to help your child keep up with their reading, writing, math, science, and social studies learning! Stay safe and healthy!

March 23, 2020
The governor has officially closed schools for the remainder of the school year. I will continue to provide resources and suggested activities for review, but there will be no new graded assignments. In other words, please don't stress too much about keeping up with school work. Work completed (or not completed) during this break will not negatively effect students' grades. In the Files section, you will also find a document that details all the topics we have covered so far this school year, and those standards which have not been taught or mastered.

Also, please consider visiting our specialists web pages (Art, PE, Reading, etc.) for other helpful information and resources!

Password Self Service for Staff and Students

Staff and students can now reset their passwords from outside the network by clicking on Password Self-Service from the Information Technology Department PWCS webpage. This self-service feature is only available to staff members who have previously entered their mobile phone number in the Contact Information Section of Employee Self-Service (ESS) and/or a personal email address in the Profile section of Toolbox. Students will be prompted for their username, student number/ID and date of birth to reset their passwords.