Hello Penn Students and Families! 

My name is Casie Gast and I am the Reading Specialist here at Penn ES! This is my third year in this role and I could not love coming to work more! For a decade I worked at Penn as a Special Education Teacher and when the opportunity came along to switch roles, I jumped at the chance! I love providing support to our diverse population of students, as well as working and collaborating with teachers to provide the best literacy instruction we can! 

*During this time and transition to virtual learning due to COVID-19, I am here to provide resources/tools, as well as continue to support teachers, students, and families. I will be updating and attaching a variety of resources as well as recording weekly read alouds for multiple grades that will review concepts and reading elements. Please check in here for those resources! 

Remember, the best way to become a better reader is to read! Practice as much as you can! Read to your child, have them read to you, read to their pets, siblings, virtually to family and friends! *Although PWC libraries are no longer allowing families to check out books for curbside (recent change due to stay-at-home order), E-Books and their digital library remains open!

Please continue to check your child's teachers' websites as well as mine to see new resources! Remember, writing is just as important during this time! Have your child journal, write letters to friends, teachers, and family members, write about their day, or how they are feeling during this time. Reading and writing go hand and hand!   
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My email address is gastcl@pwcs.edu and I am here for all who need support and assistance! I am willing and able to Skype or Zoom with students and support their literacy development as best I can! My office hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 1:30-2:00, however, I am available to answer emails from 8:30-4:00 daily. I will respond in a timely manner by email and if a Zoom call is needed or requested, this can be scheduled during this time as well! 

"Exposure to 
reading is important in developing vocabulary for fluency and comprehension. ... Students who scored 90% better than their peers on reading tests,read for more than 20 minutes a day – exposing them to 1.8 million words a year."

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