Mrs. Henry
5th Grade Teacher

5th Grade Drive Through Promotion Ceremony Wednesday June 10th 10:15 - 10:45
Drive Through Promotion Ceremony
Drive Through Ceremony Map

Update 6/8
Weekly Activities 6/8 - 6/12

Update 6/1
Weekly assignments 6/1-6/5

Update 5/26
Weekly Activities 5/26-6/1

Virtual Field Day May 29th!!  Please read the Field Day letter and visit the Specialist Activity Menu for information about the events.
Virtual Field Day Letter

Field Day practice lesson 1

Field Day Practice Lesson 2

Update 5/18
Weekly Activities 5/18 - 5/25

Update 5/11
Weekly Activities 5/11 - 5/18

Update 5/4
Weekly activities 5/4 - 5/11

Update 4/27/20

Assignments 4/27-5/4

Use this link for Math Antics activities.  It will take you to my class login so that you will have access to the worksheets and exercises.

Math Antics student login

Update:  4/20/20  

Weekly activities 4/20-4/27

Specialist Activity Menu

Update 4/17/20

**Class Meetings will be held Tuesdays and Fridays at 1:00 pm via Zoom.  Look for the meeting invitation in the morning.

5th Grade Weekly Communication

Now that we are fully involved with Distance Learning, we have planned a weekly communication schedule to provide parents with information and a forum to ask questions.  Starting Monday, 4/20, the weekly schedule is as follows:

  1. Weekly assignments will be sent to parents no later than 9:00 am on Monday morning.
    • Students should focus on completing the first assignment in each subject area column.
    • If time allows, students should continue their work on Study Island, SOL Pass and Khan Academy at their own pace.
    • Please refer to the suggested schedule posted on class pages
    • Students should be reading daily.


  2. Teachers will be available for Zoom office hours on Mondays at 10:30 am.
    • The purpose of office hours is for parents to ask questions that cannot be handled through email or Class Tag messaging.
    • These are not mandatory parent meetings and will only be held on an as-needed basis.
    • If you would like to attend Zoom office hours, please send your teacher an email/message requesting an invitation to the Zoom Meeting.


  3. Each teacher will hold regularly scheduled Zoom Class meetings weekly.
    • Refer to your teacher’s class page for days and times.
    • Communication about Zoom class meetings will come from your child’s teacher via Class Tag and email.


  4. Teachers will be available during regular school hours to respond to messages and email in a timely manner.


  5. Class web pages will be updated weekly with new assignments and news.Please check the class page at least once a week.

Update 4/13/20

Welcome Back!  I hope you enjoyed your Spring Break "Staycation" and are relaxed and ready to learn!

Assignments will be updated weekly on Monday.  Please go to Classroom Files and Documents/At Home Learning Activities and look for the file with this week's date.  You can also access this file by following this link:

Weekly Assignments 4-13

Specialist Activity Menu

5th Grade Review Activities


Please refer to the PWCS Home Learning Schedule for elementary school students that can be found in the Student Links section.  The activities below can be used during the academic time that is built into the schedule.  The following are suggested daily activities and resources for students to use to review and practice what they have learned in school this year.  Keep in mind, all assignments and activities are optional.  

*Note that login information for the referenced resources are found in the Student links section of my class page.  Refer to the Penn Student Programs Login and Passwords document for password information.


Language Arts: 30 – 60 minutes

Choose from the following activities:

  1. Readworks  Students need to login using my class code P7JMHX (all capital letters).  Select your student's name.  Enter the password 1234 or change the password to your own.
    1. Read one article from the article of the day set and write about it in the book of knowledge
    2. Read the assigned passage and answer one question set.There are 4 question sets for each passage. One passage will be assigned each week so there will be 1 question set daily for 4 days.Day 5 can be a make-up.


  2. Scholastic Learn From Home (Students go to the website using the link)
    1. Start with week 1, day 1 – read the articles assigned for the day and answer questions or do the activity that goes with the article.
    2. There are currently 2 weeks work of daily lessons posted.More will be posted next week.
    3. Choose an activity from the Daily Reading Quest (link is at the top of the page under the Week # title)The suggested activities can be used with the articles or with any book your child is reading!


  3. Study Island Reading


  4. SOL Pass– choose a released SOL passage and answer the questions.Immediate feedback is given!


  5. Read a book and complete one of the Daily Reading Quest activities from Scholastic.Take an AR quiz when you finish a book.


 Be sure to take a break after this block.  Refer to the PWCS Home Learning Schedule for Elementary Students for suggested movement, fresh air and creativity activities.


 Math:  30-45 minutes

Choose from the following activities:

*Please show all of your work on lined paper!  Use the strategies that you have learned! *

  1. Khan Academy – students need to login using my class code (FQHUY9TT) and setup their username and password
    1. 5th grade curriculum has been assigned.Work through the assignments in order.There are videos and practice problems to go with each objective. Aim to complete one video lesson and the practice questions/quizzes that go with it each day.This should all be review.If something is too difficult or hasn’t been taught, skip it!
    2. If students complete all of the assigned curriculum, they can add another course by clicking on “Courses” in the left side panel then click the + sign to add a course.Arithmetic or programming courses are available.I can also assign higher level math to students who need a challenge.


  2. Study Island Math


  3. SOL Pass website has 5th grade released test questions.


    1. Choose one objective and answer the questions.This is great practice for students because it will tell you what you missed and what the correct answer is.


  4. Complete 5-10 questions in the Math SOL practice packet.(If you don’t have online computer access)


Science: 15-30 minutes

Choose from the following activities:

  1. Spend 10 minutes studying science vocabulary using study sheet or review cards


  2. SOL Pass online games and practice


    1. Choose a topic to study using the games provided
    2. Answer questions about the topic you studied using the released test questions


  3. Study Island
    1. Earn a blue ribbon in the topic that you have been studying


  4. Read an article from Science for Kids and write down three things you learned from the article.Send me an email telling me about it!

  Update 3/25/20

There are some new links in the student link section.  
In order to use some of the resources, you will need to login to a website and setup your student's account.  

For Reading, we will be using Readworks.  Go to and click on Student Login.  Enter the class code P7JMHX (all capital letters).  Select your student's name.  Enter the password 1234 or change the password to your own.

In addition to Readworks, we will be using Scholastic Learn at Home.  Here is the link to the site.      

You do not need to setup an account for this website.  Included on the site are 3 articles with questions and activities for each day of the week.  They update with new lessons every week.  The articles are very interesting and current!  This is a great resource for combining reading skills with science and social studies content.

For Math, I am setting up a class on the Khan Academy math website.  Please login using this link and create an account for your student.     

While your students are at home, they need to keep their skills sharp! It is good to get them into a daily routine that includes some academic activities.  PWCS has created a wonderful Home Learning page that includes suggested schedules, curriculum and activities for all grade levels.  Here is the link to the page.  

PWCS Home Learning Page  

Below are suggestions for practice and reinforcement of things that they have learned in school this year. Please note, these are not graded assignments, just additional resources provided for students to access at home.


1. Scholastic online is offering free daily lessons that involve reading articles. They are interesting and will reinforce reading, math and science skills! The link is here and in the Student Links.

Scholastic Learn at Home

2. I created new Study Island practice assignments that include only topics that have already been taught. There is a lesson to be read first then they will complete a practice assignment. Directions for accessing Study Island from home are included in the classroom files under At Home Learning Activities.  

3. SOL study guides and practice for math and science are included in the At Home Learning Activities folder. Students can use these guides to study vocabulary and practice math skills. 

4. Students may read books and take AR quizzes from home. The AR system has been opened up. Students need their AR username and password to access the program. I have taken the levels off so that they can take an AR quiz on any book that they read.  

5. Students can access Brain Pop, Discovery Online learning, Raz Kids, free online books and many other programs through the Penn website. The login information is in the At Home Learning Activity folder.

6. Students can continue to work on their Country research projects online. Each student has a folder and word document in the Classroom student work folders link below. 

7.  If your student is having difficulty accessing the internet, check out the file  in the At Home Learning Activities called "No Technology Needed".  There are many fun suggestions that do not require the use of a device or access to the internet.  There is also a file with April Reading and Writing activities that does not require a device or the internet.  

8.  Students do not need to practice skills that they have not learned yet.  That will just cause frustration.  Included in files and documents is a folder with all of the pacing guides for this school year.  Please reference the pacing guides when selecting academic practice activities.

The following objectives were not covered this year:

:  We followed the pacing guide and completed all objectives through the middle of the Patterns/Functions/Algebra unit.  The objectives NOT covered in this unit were 5.18 Number patterns and 5.19 a,b,c,d variables.  Geometry and Probability were not covered at all this year.

Science:  All units were covered through Matter.  Light, Sound and Family Life were not covered.

Language Arts:  Poetry, descriptive writing and author's purpose were not covered.

Geography:  Units 1-5 were taught.  Units 6-9 were not covered.

Classroom Student Work Folders

How to Set-up Calendar Alerts:

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Please note: You will receive a separate email alert for each calendar you choose to subscribe to.