Kristin Burton
Teacher of Students with Learning Disabilities

UPDATED AS OF 5/21/2020 

                                                                   Letter to Familes

To my students and their families:

                Welcome to my web page!  I’m hoping to include a lot of resources and information to help you continue your learning.  I will be learning along with you so please check in on this page regularly for updates.  I have included links to websites and resources under Useful Links which is in the menu on the left side of my web page.  This includes links to your teachers’ web pages as well as our specialists’ web pages (e.g., Art, Music, PE, Library).  Please check out our Specialists' web pages.  They are including good activities for you to do with your student.  Under Files and Documents which is in the menu on the left side of my web page there is helpful information and resources.  This includes math aids to support the practice of math concepts.  There is also a document included that gives you logins and passwords for some of the different programs whose links are provided on my web page.

                Right now, there is no assigned work and I’m not teaching anything new.  The information and resources I have provided and that you can find on your teachers’ web pages will help you review and master concepts you have previously been taught.  These are optional activities and will not be graded.  Feel free to share with me what you are doing through pictures and/or videos.  I will miss seeing you guys every day and would love to see your faces.  My email address is


Kristin Burton