Elizabeth Bebee
1st Grade Teacher

Welcome to 1st grade!  I look forward to a great year!
Our class came up with a vision: "Ms. Bebee's class is always nice, good, and helpful." 
We also came up with a mission: "We will reach our vision by listening to the teacher and following directions, letting others learn, sharing with others, helping our teachers and students when they have a problem or get hurt, and helping to clean up."


 1st Grade Weekly Communication

My Class Meetings will be held Tuesdays and  Thursdays at 9:30 AM via Zoom.  Look for the meeting invitation by the day before. The time may have to be adjusted a little if I get scheduled to attend another meeting, but I will stick to this schedule as much as possible. 

Now that we are fully involved with Distance Learning, we have planned a weekly calendar of activities for each week. All calendars are saved in my "Files and Documents" folder in the "Weekly Calendar" file.  The Specialists' link is found below, and also in my "Useful Links" tab, and on each weekly calendar.  
The calendar for the current week is also attached here:

Week of June 1-5
Week of June 8-12

1. The weekly calendar will be e-mailed to my families no later than 9:00 am on Monday morning.

2. I will be available during regular school hours to respond to messages and email in a timely manner.

3. If needed/requested, I can schedule an individual Zoom meeting with a parent/ guardian.

The purpose of an individual family Zoom meeting is for parents to ask questions that cannot be handled through email. 

4. My class web page will be updated weekly with new assignments and news. Please check the class page at least once a week.

Please see "Files and Documents" for resources such as optional activities and strategies, a weekly calendar of optional activities, curriculum documents, a calendar of the standards of learning taught up to this point in the year, so you will have a list of all things that could be reviewed at home, and a list of Penn Elementary student programs, links, and passwords. I also have many resources available in the "Useful Links" tab. I hope everyone is staying well and I miss you!

I will continue to send updates through the HUB e-mail and will continue to post resources on this webpage. Please feel free to reach out to me! I am still here for you!

Some resources that have been posted:

June 10th Update:
The school supply lists for the 2020-2021 school year have been emailed out and you can find them in the "Files and Documents" section of this webpage.

June 9th Update:

From the Strings Teacher:
Our fabulous fifth graders have worked so hard during our Virtual Schoolhouse to put together an online concert - I couldn't be more proud of their hard work! They learned songs like Jurassic Park, Happy Birthday, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and more.

Our goal was to share it with the whole school so future 5th graders could see what strings is all about.

Online 2020 Spring Concert

June 5th Update:
Here are some great summer resources from the math department. The file is also in my Files and Documents section in the math tab. 
Summer Math Resources

May 15th Update:
In addition to the weekly calendar for next week, I have also posted a new math resource called Youcubed@Home in the "Useful Links" tab.  

May 5th Update:
3rd quarter report cards were e-mailed out today individually to each family.
I also posted some new Ebook websites that Penn just got a trial to, until August 31st, 2020.  They are TumbleBooks and TumbleMath, and the links and school usernames and passwords are in the "Useful Links" section of this website. These will also be in the Library Specialist Menu next week.  I also posted a link to the Junior Library Guild which is streaming free books and a few audio books. Students do not have to sign up or login. 

April 29th Update:
You Should Read This Book Flipgrid

PWCS Hot Spots Parking Lots

April 20th Update:
I e-mailed and posted a link to a Reading Bear Phonics website, and also a Flipgrid activity on Earth Day. 
Earth Day flipgrid

April 17th Update:
I e-mailed out the Zoom meeting link for our next class meeting on Tuesday, April 21st at 9:30 AM and sent out the weekly first grade calendar for next week.  It is also posted in the files and documents section here. 
April 16th Update:
Yesterday I sent out an email about
another online program I have been learning about this week called FlipGrid. It allows students to record a brief (60 seconds or less) video of themselves to share with the class. I can also send out small clips such as read alouds for the students to respond to. Of course participation is optional, but hopefully this will be a fun way for the kids to connect with each other virtually. I will send out new links when new grids are added, probably once a week on Mondays.  Information about student passwords was also sent in the e-mail. A general tutorial can be found in my Useful Links tab. 

Today I also just added another language arts resource in the Reading folder.  It is from the language arts department and called, "K-2 Elementary Student Projects." I plan to have our next Zoom Class Meeting on Tuesday.  By Monday I will send an e-mail with the exact time and the link.  

April 15th Update:
The Specialists just sent out their activity link for the week: Specialist Link
I will also e-mail it out, and starting next week it will be on our grade level weekly activity calendar. 

April 13th Update: I emailed a suggested weekly calendar of optional activities today, and also attached it here in the Files and Documents section in the "Weekly Calendar" file. I also e-mailed and attached a link for interested parents on counting collections to help develop number sense, and added a Math Choice Board with activities you can do with playing cards in the Math file. I will be e-mailing out a link for our Zoom Class Meeting tomorrow. 

April 1st Update:
I have added some optional reading, writing, and math April calendars in the Files and documents section in a folder named "Monthly Calendars."

March 31st Update: 

Dear Families,

Although we teachers are still waiting to hear from Dr. Walts specifically what he'd like the rest of the year to look like, our first grade team has been working together to get ideas. In addition to the suggestions for activities on our class webpages, we plan to start sending out a weekly calendar highlighting suggestions for each day of the week, starting after Spring Break. This will also be posted on my class webpage, under the "Files and Documents" tab in a folder named "Weekly Calendars." In general, it will be 15 minutes of reading (Raz Kids or a book), 15 minutes of DreamBox or a math game with your family, and another 30 minute activity. (Tomorrow, April 1 only has reading and math, and not an additional activity, but the rest of the weeks will have one.) Many of the additional optional activities are on a website called Nearpod. If the link does not work directly, if you click the "control" key and the link at the same time, it has been working for us that way. The links should take you to a page linked the nearpod lesson we set up where you need to type a name-- please do first name only. Please do not have your child use his/her full name. 

I also plan to try and do a Class Meeting on Zoom once a week, after Spring Break.  For now I plan to do it on Tuesdays at 2:30.  Each week I will send out a new invite and link.  It was so great to see some of your smiling faces today! 

Thank you for your patience as we teachers became students in how to help our kids with virtual learning from home. Dr. Walts will present a plan to the school board at a meeting tomorrow evening, but as of now, this is the plan to go forward.

I am also attaching a link to the video from the Penn Staff that is on the Penn webpage and posted in the Penn Elementary PTO Facebook group.  We also are doing the announcements on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which is also posted in the Penn Elementary PTO Facebook group and on the Penn Elementary webpage.  

Penn Staff Video

 March 31st Update from Art Teacher: I updated my drawing slides to include hit submit, since none of my submissions from students were coming through. This changed all my codes, I did update my website accordingly but I wanted to share with you directly as well. 
The following includes updated information with reminders to hit submit on the drawing slide so I can see their work. 
FIRST ART activity FOR ALL GRADES>> Penn Art Lessons on nearpod>>code to enterNTSUL
Don't forget to hit submit on the drawing slide on nearpod so I can see your work!

Activity #2 Shadow Art Project>>>Shadow drawing Art lesson #2>> Code to enterWUCNG
Don't forget to hit submit on the drawing slide on nearpod so I can see your work!

NEW!!!! UPDATE MARCH 30 Please see useful links for more resources from pwcs Arts dept

Activity 3: NEED AN IDEA: Theres plenty here>>>
ART Idea Slideshow>> CODE EHAKO
Don't forget to hit submit on the drawing slide on nearpod so I can see your work!

Activity 4: K-5 ACTIVITY with how to video>>> k-5 Overlapping Bunny Activity > CODE>UQIMO
Don't forget to hit submit on the drawing slide on nearpod so I can see your work!

Activity 5: k-2 Activity Polar bear>> Polar Bear drawing/painting DSS activity >Code> YWKOM
Don't forget to hit submit on the drawing slide on nearpod so I can see your work!

Activity 6: 2-5 Observational bunny drawing >> 2-5 Observational bunny drawing DSS Code> TLXRV
Don't forget to hit submit on the drawing slide on nearpod so I can see your work!

Also feel free to send pictures of projects on my twitter or tweet me when you submit a project 😃 >>>> Penn Art Twitter


Mrs Amber L Schultz  M.Ed

Art Teacher

Penn Elementary School 

"The Earth without Art is just Eh."~Demitri Martin


From Ms. Bebee - Please look for an email with a link to join our first optional virtual class meeting on Zoom at 2:30 on Tuesday, March 31st.

I also have added a few more optional resources in the science tab and a new reader's theater play.

March 27th news
Yearbooks are still for sale!  I will attach the flyer in my files and documents, and the link is below.  Yearbook Order Form
the school code is 13279320

Also, today  I just learned about some links for digital books and books that can be accessed in other languages: Unite for Literacy, International Children's Digital Library, and Children's Books Online - The Rosetta Project. I will add them to the Useful Links section. 

March 26th update: 
From the music teacher, Mrs. Nordan: I've updated my website to include all sorts of links and documents that students can explore while they are learning at home. Please encourage your students to check out the pages of ALL of the encore teachers. They can get there by choosing "Class Pages" and scrolling down to "Specialist Encore Team." All of us have included some great info and OPTIONAL activities the students can do at home. 
Here's a direct link for the specialist team that may make it easier for parents to navigate.
Thanks for you help in getting the word out for us!

Today the reading teacher, Mrs. Gast shared some Book Review Templates and an Author Study template that I added in the Reading File. 
A great book that she recommends for opinion writing is Stella Writes An Opinion. She will also be putting all of these resources on her webpage in a folder for opinion writing. 


March 25th update:  Files added today include a list of Dolch Sight Words in the Reading File, and some math tools and game links in the "Useful Link" Section.

Optional reading, math, spelling, and science resources to help your child at home are posted in the files and documents section.  Please let me know if you have any questions or if you need anything.

In addition to RazKids, which is set to your child's personal "just right" reading level, I'm attaching a document the county provided with suggested author studies by grade level. This document is also uploaded in the "Files and Documents" section of my webpage in the "First Grade Curriculum Documents" file.  If these books are too hard for your child to read on his/her own, you can read them to/with your child, and these books provide a wealth of opportunities to discuss characters, setting, problem, solution, main events, make connections, favorite event, etc. (for fiction) and main idea and details, connections, how print is organized, charts and tables, etc. (for nonfiction.) 

 Feel free to practice your child's sight word booklets and the words in the blue homework folder.  We often practiced them by doing "rainbow writing" in class, or if you have any materials such as magnetic letters, chalk, or playdoh, they can make the words that way too.  Feel free to get creative. And of course, just reading together is also great practice. 

Also, the reading teacher, Mrs. Gast, asked teachers to share the following: I am asking I’m that you please share my email address with them (gastcl@pwcs) and let them know I am available for help, conferencing, 1:1 working, Skype, anything! I have updated my webpage, added some resources (I will be adding a lot more) and will be doing weekly read alouds as well. 


March 20th: Please go to my link section to see links such as the "new PWCS Home Learning Page" link that has many great general ideas.  Check out the "Elementary" tab. I have copied and pasted the information from there below as well. I will continue to update here and will also send information through the HUB e-mail.  


Optional Elementary Daily Schedule

Optional Time Activity Ideas
Before9a.m. Wake up
9-10a.m. Morning physical activity

Take a walk; Remember to practice social distancing.

Have a dance party in your kitchen;

Make a backyard or indoor Scavenger Hunt;

Get moving with these YouTube options:

10-11a.m. Academic time:
Science/Social Studies
See content selection listed below daily schedule
11a.m.-12p.m. Creative time

Play music;


Reuse & Recycle-create something using something you no longer need or want to repurpose (birdfeeder, etc.);

STEM-build or solve a problem using household items (visit ScienceBuddies for inspiration);

Draw and write with authors/illustrators:

Post daily creative challenges on Twitter;

Art Prompts:

12-12:30p.m. Clean up Clean your room, help around the house, etc.
12:30-1p.m. Lunch Enjoy Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems: Mo Willems Lunch Doodles
1-2:30p.m. Quiet time Check out these resources for quiet time:
2:30-4p.m. Academic time:
Language Arts
Science/Social Studies
See content selection listed below daily schedule
4-5p.m. Fresh air

Take a walk, ride your bike, play outside with siblings, if you have a pet, play with your pet too! - Remember to practice social distancing.

If it’s rainy, visit Sports Illustrated for Kids.

5p.m.-bedtime Connect with others

Eat dinner with family;

Connect with friends and family virtually;

Play a board game;


Get plenty of sleep.


Optional Academic Activities by Content Area

Academic Area Activity
Language Arts

Journal- Write about your experiences at home use one of many Journal prompts.

Read a book and make a short video about it.

Visit Storyline Online and enjoy a wonderful book read aloud by a member of the Screen Actors Guild.

Listen to books read aloud in your home language:
-International Children's Digital Library; Scholastic Daily Activities; Story Time from Space; or Unite for Literacy

Visit Word World where words come alive.

Create your owncomic strips or graphic novels.

Explore these digital resources to build your English language skills:

Listen to these authors sharing picture books and excerpts compiled by author Kate Messner.

Brush up on your grammar skills: Khan Academy Grammar,


Bedtime Math- Stories and puzzles that helps parent talk math with their kids. Each day presents a non-fiction article, with videos and photos, followed by related math riddles for kids ages 3-9. This includes Cabin Fever Mathwhich are engaging, hands-on math activities for families.

3-Act Tasks- Problem-based lessons, including engaging videos and photos, tofoster students’ curiosityand incorporate mathematical reasoning and problem solving.

SPLAT!- Fun, very powerful, highly interactive number senseactivitiesthat can be usedat anygrade level!

Esti-Mysteries-Estimation Meets Math Mysteries.Each image invites students to wonder what number is represented by the image.

GregTang Math- Thissiteincludes a wide variety of mathematics games and resources to challengestudents’ math thinking, reasoning andproblem-solvingskills.

Open Middle- Challenging math problems at all grade levels with multiple ways to approach and ultimately solve the problem.

Thinking Blocks – Uses a visual model to support understanding of word problems.

Number Talk/Journal - Roll dice or use playing cards to identify a number then journal all the ways to make/solve for this number (use more than one for two digit and higher numbers).



Explore and create on Google Earth and Google My Maps.

Explore Environmental Sciences-learn, play games, and tease your brain on National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences-KIDS.

Take a Virtual Field Trip to a place you have read or learned about this year on Discovery Education.

Explore learning about animals & many other topics onNational Geographic.

Take a virtual field trip:
Discovery Education Field Trips (can filter by content)
More Virtual Field Trips

Explore a variety of scientific topics:
PHET Simulations (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Earth Science)
Engaging science content YouTube videos
Interactive Periodic Table

Social Studies

Explore historical sites, geographical regions,and create on Google Earthand Google My Maps.

Interactive Map of the United States- find your state/capitals, identify the states that border your own, predict the geographical features in each area, etc.

Virtual Field Trips:

Learn about the history and the meaning of the U.S. Constitution through the Constitution Center’s interactive activities.

Learn about life in Colonial Times Jamestown/Yorktown Foundation.

Discover Rise and Fall of Jim Crow Laws- hear personal interviews, read articles, and watch videos on the impact of this time period.


How to Set-up Calendar Alerts:
If your child is in my class, and you would like to receive email alerts for items posted to my calendar, you may view step-by-step directions here:

Please note: You will receive a separate email alert for each calendar you choose to subscribe to.