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Children's Books Online

International Children's Digital Library -If you go to the top left "First-Time Visitors" you can click on "Read Books."

Unite for Literacy - You can hear books read in MANY languages, including Farsi, Arabic, Chinese, Hmong, Vietnamese, Hindi, Mopan, etc. Not every book has all the languages, but after choosing a book, click on the word "English" in the top left corner and you will see a list of the languages that book is translated into. The written words are still English but it is read in many different languages orally.

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Reading Bear Phonics

Number Sense Video for Parents



Parking Lot Game

Four Colors Game

Snakes and Ladders Math Game

Math Game (

A Social Story about Staying Home from School because of Coronavirus

PWC Library Link

RAZ Kids

Brain POP Jr.


Plant Videos

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