Starfall: Composers
     Hear the music and learn about Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Chopin, Joplin, and Offenbach

Chrome Music Lab
    Create your own music in interesting ways 

Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra
     This is a game that helps you learn about the instrument families and individual instruments with this piece for the orchestra
           by the English composer, Benjamin Britten

Create Your Own Music: Experiments with Google
      See how technology is being used in innovative ways to help those with disabilities

See the music: science
      Especially interesting to support 5th grade science sound objectives

Whack a Note: practice treble clef note names
     A fun way to practice naming notes of the treble clef (Our 4th grade students have played this in class)

PBS Music Games
     A variety of games to help learn about various music concepts

Classics for Kids
     A great place to learn about composers from various time periods and hear their music. There's also some excellent games to
          listen and match rhythms, compose a melody, learn some musical terms, explore the orchestra, examine a composer timeline,
          and  to explore a map of America and Europe to see where composers lived.

New York Philharmonic for Kids
     Games for learning about the orchestra, composers, and other musical concepts

Dallas Symphony Orchestra for Kids
     Find some videos of the orchestra, a coloring page, and some other music adventures

Virtual Piano Keyboard
     Don't have a keyboard at home? Try this online piano keyboard to play your own melodies. You may need to uncheck the "sustain"
          box when playing a tune. You can also experiment with chords (playing 3 notes at a time) by clicking on the box where you see
         "single notes"  and change it to major chords or minor chords. Look at the top of the keys to find where to place your hands on
          the computer keyboard so you can play just by tapping letters instead of having to use your computer mouse.

Hansel and Gretel Interactive Opera
     Explore behind the scenes and learn about operas with this interactive game

     A fun website to get you moving and mindful