Raz Kids (Teacher username is lbrosius3 .)




PWCS Home Learning Page with Active Links

Plant Videos

Storyline Online (read aloud books; please note these books are for K-5, so I always preview the content before sharing with the class to make sure it is appropriate for first graders)

GoNoodle (parent letter is under the "Files and Documents" section; we used these for Brain Breaks)

Read, Write, Think activities 

Mo Williams daily art lessons 


PWC Library(can put books on hold and get curbside pick-up of books-- temporarily suspended, but other good information here)

Children's book explaining COVID-19

Art Links from Mrs. Shultz

Virtual Rekenrek for math (hold the mouse and slide the beads)

Ms. Amin's webpage

Goose Game on a math number path

Math Playground Number Bonds game
(making 10)

Snakes and Ladders Math Game

United For Literacy (can hear books read in MANY languages, including Farsi, Arabic, Chinese, Hmong, Vietnamese, etc. Not every book has all the languages, but after choosing a book, click on the word "English" in the top left corner and you will see a list of the languages that book is translated into.)

Specialists' webpages (links for art, PE, reading, counseling, teachnology, library, and music)

ESOL webpage (find resources to help with English Language Learners)