China Craven
4th Grade Teacher




Dr. Bolles COVID-19 Letter

4th Grade Communication

  1. Class Zoom Meetings will be held weekly. Mrs. Craven's Zoom meetings are every Thursday at 2pm. The zoom links will be sent through ClassTag & the Hub (to parent emails).  I will also have a Zoom Read-Aloud to complete our book Out of My Mind on Wednesday from 1:15-1:145.  The zoom links will be sent though ClassTag & the Hub on Tuesdays for this.  

  2. Teachers will have “office hours” to answer questions from parents. Parents can email, send a ClassTag message and/or request a Zoom meeting if necessary. Mrs. Craven's office hours are on Wednesday's from 1-2pm.

  3. Teachers are available throughout the day during school hours 9am-3:30pm to answer emails and messages on ClassTag.

  4. Weekly Suggested Activities will be sent out on Sundays through ClassTag, the Hub and posted below.

  5. Class webpages (this one) will be updated weekly. Please read through the current suggested activities, check the files and documents for printable versions, and additional activities.

4th grade April Resources:

April Choice Board

April Reading & Writing Calendar

Math Calendar

Math Calendar in Spanish

Earth Day (Week) Added Activities

Suggested Core/Encore Schedule for Monday-Friday

Day of the Week

Core Subject


Suggested Time

Online Resources

(see Useful Links)




Link to Website

60 minutes each

ST Math


VA Studies


Link to Website

60 minutes each

Discovery Education
VA Studies Weekly



Link to Website


Link to Website

60 Minutes each

Visit PE webpage or click the specialist link below




Link to Website

60 minutes each

Discovery Education




Link to Website

60 minutes each



Specialist Activity Menu

All of the 4th grade standards by content area are posted in Files and Documents. These files will show you what students have been taught up until this point in the school year. We will not be teaching any new standards as of right now, but encourage students to review the standards already taught using DreamBox, IXL, Readworks, VA Studies Weekly, and the resources that were sent home before our closure.

PWCS published the following site Home Learning Website for parents to use at home. There are many amazing websites and it is all broken down by grade level. They even give you suggested schedules for the kids.

All 4th grade teachers will be available to contact through Class Tag and e-mail if you have any further questions. 

Password Self Service for Staff and Students

Staff and students can now reset their passwords from outside the network by clicking on Password Self-Service from the Information Technology Department PWCS webpageThis self-service feature is only available to staff members who have previously entered their mobile phone number in the Contact Information Section of Employee Self-Service (ESS) and/or a personal email address in the Profile section of Toolbox. Students will be prompted for their username, student number/ID and date of birth to reset their passwords.

China Craven
@MRSCraven123 on Twitter

In addition to these SOL practice packets students will continue to have access to the following educational websites:
School: Penn ES
Password: penn
Students have their own username and passwords and should know this.  If not please message me on Class Tag or send me an email.
Username - paws
password - penn
Have students to to the website then enter CLASS CODE - BW27VU
Students will then find their name and their default password is 1234