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5th Grade Teacher

About our Class: 

Welcome to Mr. K's class! As we move forward, please scroll down to see announcements. Announcements on this web page, are also sent through e-mail (those that are attatched through the HUB) and classtag. Please don't miss out on any new information!
Below please find links to specailists(encore), SPED, ESOL, and Gifted teachers.

Specialist Activity Menu (updated weekly)

P.E. Music Art

Library Strings Reading Specialist


Guidance Computers


Poster describing strategies that Reader's use to understand their reading.Decoding strategies for understanding words/phrases/sentences



Update Thursday 6/4/2020 - Final planned Update before end of school

Good Evening!

In this attachment you'll find our final weeks of activities provided to you by the 5th grade team. As always, any activities not completed in the past, should remain available until the end of June (pending program availability). Please read carefully as the information below has our 5th grade promotion details, as well as final 4th quarter report cards.


  1. Supply Return - The supply return occurred this past week. If you have not had a chance to return library books, class supplies, or laptops, the other chance to return will be next week (June 8th -12th) .
  2. Week of June 8th - 12th - This is the final week of the school year. This is an odd way to end the school year, however Penn will begin construction close to right when school ends June 12th. This week we'll be providing one more week of activities per PWCS policies. This wednesday, we'll also be performing our 5th grade promotion drive by ceremony. Please read instructions and letters.
  3. 5th Grade promotion - Our 5th grade promotion ceremony is June 10th (Wednesday) from 9-12am. Mr. K's class is at 11am to 1130am. Please follow the atattched map and directions. You will be able to drop any extra materials/computers/etc at this time. This drive by graduation will be rain or shine, and be the opportunity for students to say goodbye, pick up their bag of belongings left at school, and get their awards for the end of the school year. REMINDER 11am to 1130am.
    1. If you are unable to make this time slot, materials can be dropped off after 1pm on the same day, or any other day if needed. Please be aware, and follow the letter from Penn ES for other grade levels and times for student pickup. You may also pick up ALL students in the family, at the same time if needed
    2. Limit 1 car per family (extenuating circumstances need to communicate with me before)
    3. If you miss your time, you can park in front of the school, and request if you may pick up your supplies at that time
  4. Moving forward - By the time school gets back into "normal" schooling... we will be at least 6 months into distance learning plus summer. I can't recommend enough constant reading activities throughout as well as educational opportunities this summer. The "summer slide" is when students backtrack learning progress regularly. All students usually have some sort of a "minimal slide," and I can just expect a larger slide for students with an extended break like this. 6th grade is coming... regardless of format or type, and we need to provide these children with constant learning opportunities. If you ever have any questions, or need input on how students can get active and aid in their learning over the summer please reach out to me. As I am leaving Penn to move to another school division, I'll share my personal e-mail (if students e-mail me, i will NOT respond unless a parent is CC'd).
  5. Final Zoom Meeting - Mr. K's final zoom class meeting is Thursday, June 11th at 1130am. Come and say goodbye!
  6. Fourth Quarter and Final report card - these will be completed next week, updated, and available on PARENT PORTAL June 22nd as of right now. We will not be sending individual report cards/comments as we did the third quarter. This is subject to change, however is the guidelines we've been told to follow moving forward.

I want to thank you for everything this school year, and for being flexible. This year was a challenging one, a testing one, a fun one, and an exhilarating one. Moving forward family, health, safety is important. Learning is life-long… Students need to continue their learning this summer and moving forward.


-Mr. K

Update SATURDAY 5/30/2020

Good Afternoon!


First, let me apologize for the early e-mail with next week's activities. Since there are letters and information pertaining RETURN of materials/5th grade promotion this will be my “MONDAY” e-mail, but on a Saturday!


  1. Supply Return: You should've received a robo-call or e-mail or facebook post regarding return of school materials. The letter is attached to this announcement/e-mail. We are asking for all Library Books, Textbooks, Safety Patrol Belts and Badges, Classroom Books (Pretty please), Musical Instruments, and 5th grade computers… to be returned Monday (June 1st) for students last name starting with A-L and Tuesday (June 2nd) for students last name starting with M-Z. Anywhere between 9:00am and 12:00pm.
  2. 5th Grade Promotion: The 5th grade promotion (as well as pick up of anything left at school with students name on it) will be June 10th (Wednesday). It will be a drive by celebration with no need for parents or students to exit their vehicles. Our class time is currently scheduled for 11:00am to 11:30am. Please read the letter regarding directions for the promotion celebration carefully. There is also a map to help you visualize this event. As of right now, this event is rain OR shine.
  3. Class Zoom Meetings: As of right now, our final zoom class meeting is June 11th (Thursday) at 11:30am, pending last minute changes or occurrences. Please attempt to make it, as that will be our final zoom call, and potentially last time for awhile to see each other.
  4. Final Shoutouts: On the last week of school (June 8th), I'll be sending one final week of activities and shoutouts. These shoutouts will be Top 3 style for every Study Island reporting category (think….time spent, percentage correct, blue ribbons, etc..). We have used study island through the year, and there are some pretty cool stats coming out of it. 

As always, Please reach out to me with any questions as you might come up with some. Thank you!

Update 5/26/2020

Happy Belated Memorial Day!


To those that have, or are, or will be serving… thank you.


Let's get right into the updates!


1.) Getting into school? Still no new information as of 5/26 at 8am. There are plans for teachers getting into buildings and packing up student materials and classrooms, however they are NOT final. When there is a plan for you to get your childs belongings, we'll let you know. (Non-teacher thought: assuming it all starts once NoVa moves into Phase 1).


2.) 5th Grade Promotion? Normally, we provide a 5th grade “promotion”  ceremony the last week of school. The 5th grade team, administration, and central office have been discussing manners that this can be made to happen - following proper health guidelines. While there is no confirmed plans yet for planning, we're discussing ways to make this work. Please continue to be flexible and on the lookout for more information as it comes. For now, please understand we are talking and trying to plan a promotion ceremony within our ability.


3.) Continued learning & review activites? For Language Arts, we have the article Big Dreams and the Article-A-day Health and Fitness. For Math, we have a new set of activities… GAMES! Check out some games, and review fractions and data analysis. For Geography, we're on week 2 of our virtual cruise! Visit Honduras and Guatemala this week! For Science, we have a two week STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) lesson. This week take a “virtual trip to Cargill&AgExplorer to learn about the science behind our food chain (real life events currently happening….i.e. tyson food shortage due to COVID-19). Next week keep an eye out for ”building your food packaging solution.


4.) Zoom Meetings continue on Thursday's at 1130am. Based on attendance and student participation, is how the meetings will be timed. I try to end with a time wher students can just talk it out with eachother and share, however if they're not, zoom meetings end sooner :(


Update 5/18/2020

Good Morning on this Gloomy Monday!

Take a moment to review 4th grade science and weather by following the two links to learn about tropical storms and hurricanes (current events: Tropical storm Arthur, which is what is causing these clouds and intermittent rain showers all week). Article. Video



1.) Getting into school - still no update. I will send a follow up message/email when there is an update, the moment we're able to. Scouts promise!


2.) Distance learning continues - The school year ends on June 12th, and we will continue posting weekly activities at the beginning of the week (Monday, Tuesday's on extended weekends like Memorial Day Weekend). We're losing 3 months of in person learning this school year, Distance Learning and review is integral to students continuing their learning moving into sixth grade next year.


3.) What's new in this week's activities - Language Arts: two articles on ReadWorks, All things Animals and How Music Affects your Moods. Math: continuing the focus on fractions, a struggle area for students in fifth grade. Keep reviewing everything fractions! Geography: a virtual cruise to mexico! Look out for two new countries next week on our virtual cruise! Science: week 2, finishing up our review of science. Send what you've learned.


4.) Communicate with the teacher - I haven't received much from students in regards to what they've been learning at home (outside of ReadWorks/Khan/Study Island) and would love to see more learning that's going on at home. There are two primary methods to communicate! 1.) Email (parents or students) me. Kanevsj@pwcs.edu is the email. Parents please know, If a student e-mails me from a personal account, I will CC you personally so you are aware of the communication. 2.) Twitter! @kanevskyjay is my twitter handle. Tweet at me to share what learning is occuring at home. You can also tweet the hashtag #pennESpanthers to show the school and get on the website twitter feed!

Update 5/11/2020

Good Morning and Happy Mother's Day (belated) to all the moms out there!


Couple updates for this week. Reminder that REPORT CARDS and AWARDS (if earned by student) were sent out last TUESDAY in the early AM. I did do a mini shout out during last week's Zoom Meeting for students who earned the awards.


Moving forward, we're in the fourth quarter now. While no new grades will be present, and activities are deemed optional we're 2 months into "quarantine schooling - distance learning." There are copious amounts of studies out there showing that students who are not actively participating in some sort of academic learning/growth struggle in the return to school. While all activities are optional, I continue to recommend at the least providing some time for students to focus on their learning (True reading is the most important baseline for all learning moving forward). 


1) Weekly activities for 5-11 to 5-18 are posted below. We are finishing our covid-19 time capsule activity. I'd like to see your time capsules so please e-mail/send me a picture regarding this activity OR bring it to Thursday's zoom meeting to show it off....


2) Watch any good TV shows recently? Netflix? Hulu? Disney +? - If so, type up a small paragraph review of what the show was, what did you like, and what did you not like and send it my way! 


3) Remember Health, Family, Safety is of utmost importance - If you need anything, please send a message/email and I'll try to help as best as possible!



Finally, Reminder that Thursday's zoom meeting continues and we'll be sharing time capsules for students who are completed. Today's "PARENT ZOOM MEETING" is scheduled, however due to rodent control (squirrels in roof...) appointment happening sometime this morning, I'll be available by request only. Please send a message or e-mail and we'll get on Zoom to get that answered. OR you can ask via e-mail/message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!


-Jay Kanevsky

Update 5/4/2020

Good Morning and May the 4th be with you!!!


Couple links to start this weeks announcements: Check out our PTO facebook page to get ideas for extra activities beyond teacher sent home ones, as well as just connect with the PENN community! .... Penn PTO facebook page  


Penn's website with links to ALL class pages. You can follow the straight forward linking to get to MY class webpage, or others..... Penn Class Web Pages for ALL teachers


Linked at the bottom of ALL weekly activities pages has been the specialist (encore) teachers menu. Specialists are updating the document weekly with activities for PE/MUSIC/ART/Tech/Library/Guidance/Reading!....... Specialist menu


Weekly Update

1. If you requested a laptop.... As I requested last week, and all of you should've received a phone call(s) at some point last week, laptops will be being distributed to those that requested it by the end of LAST WEEK, 5/1. Myself or someone at Penn will be reaching out to you sometime this week in regards to laptop availability and process. Please continue to be patient, as we were inundated with many requests.


2. What about our stuff in the classroom.... As of 9am, Monday 5/4, we (teachers) still have no idea about getting anything out of school buildings. I'm sorry, and will be letting you know the moment this changes.


3. Report Cards... will be available tomorrow in the hub. Depending on direction from admin and central office, we will be e-mailing you your child's THIRD QUARTER report card and any subsequent awards they earned for the quarter. Reminder: before Covid-19, the third quarter only had two weeks remaining, at the time of school closings 3-13... so the grade is what students earned, including continued work through distance learning!


4. Continued learning activities... Until the end of the school year, we'll continue posting weekly activity options that provide one hour of learning activities per week (at least). These continue to be optional, however are super imperative for students going into middle school. Next year is sixth grade, students will need the skills built in elementary school to do well and move forward in their educational career. Family, safety, and health come first.... but education is a part of it all!


5. Weekly zoom meetings... continue to be at Thursday, 1130am. Check the message in the morning, day of, to get access.


6. Parent Zoom meetings.... Starting today, 5/4, at 10am to 11am, Parents can join the same zoom meeting link sent out on thursdays. This zoom meeting is optional, and will provide time for parents to come in and ask questions regarding school/learning/help for students, etc.. 


Update 4/27/2020

Good Evening,

I know I sent out this weeks activities last week, on Friday, as well as today on the hub. Check it out! 


Needed for Math Antics Link: https://mathantics.com/auth/site-share/VmSTa7MJrEBIqqg


Grades/Quarter 3 Report Card: The report card will be EMAILED to you on May 5th (next Tuesday). If you have earned an award for the third quarter, you'll find that award attached with the report card. Grades were updated, as promised, based on student work and progress/retakes these past several weeks. One problem: You will not see it in "parentvue." I'm sorry, based on how grade book was setup post COVID-19 closure, I was not able to add assignments to help/change non test/quiz assignments. I went in at the end and upped overall subject grades based on student participation in our weekly learning activities. No grades went down. I tried to give as much credit as possible where able. 


Moving forward: I want to see what you're doing! Send me pictures via ClassTag, documents scanned and e-mailed, ANY manner you can. These activities are building and reviewing skills we've already taught, and are focused on getting students ready and active for next school year.


Weekly Zoom Meetings: This week we're continuing to have our 11:30am meeting on Thursday. Starting Next week we'll have an additional weekly meeting update for parents (students invited) at 1030am on Mondays! Thursdays will be student centered, and Mondays will be parent centered. I look forward to communicating both with parents and students.


Need internet? The nearest parking lot "hotspot" is at Jenkins elementary, located on PW parkway. Follow the link for more information: http://www.pwcs.edu/departments/information_technology


Need a laptop for a student? Tonight (4/27) PWCS will begin robo-calling parents of Elementary students asking about technology that you might need. You may respond to that, however please also let me know. I'll let Dr. Bolles know through a form we're setting up, and will be in contact regarding getting access to a laptop for your student. 


Lasting information.... Please continue to communicate, be flexible, and ask ask ask ask away for anything that you might need. Thank you!


Shout Outs:

Study Island - Marley, Ilyas, Jayden C, Maddy, Emily, and Skylar for completing over 100 minutes of Study Island last week! 


Khan Academy -  Daniel, Liana, and I'm assuming Jayden S. for leveling up more than 10 skills in Khan Academy!


ReadWorks - Alex G, Alex L, Daniel T, Jayden S, and Raymond for completing BOTH ReadWorks assignments in their entirety!

Update 4/20/2020

Good Morning!


This week's activities are uploaded to my class web page, attached to this class tag announcement, and will be sent out via the hub momentarily! This week's activities are on PAGE 2, and moving forward the document will grow larger so you have week 1, 2, 3, etc....


Couple of Notes!

1. Grades are due Friday, 4/24 - As per PWCS communication grades are due end of day 4/24. As communicated early on in the process, students are able to retake tests (per request) and complete work to improve grades. I will be looking at Khan Academy Assignments, Study Island Assignments, ReadWorks Assignments and improving students grades based on completion and skill throughout. If you or your student want's to RETAKE a unit assessment.


2. What about those darn "nhi's - Not Handed in's." - A lot of those assignments are work related to in-class work. Example for most students: Science Textbook pages which were grade level text worked on with students/peers/teacher to review what we've been working on the entire year/quarter/unit. 


3. Reminder - All work since 3/13 has/is voluntary... - but still highly recommended! After all, the theme of all our 5th grade conversations now, have been 6th grade is coming next year.


4. IEP's - If your student has an IEP/504/eligibility process, keep a lookout for e-mails from Ms. Martin, Ms. Simpson or myself to schedule meetings ASAP. 


5. Getting back into the school - This is still unknown information, and I promise you Penn Elementary and myself will share with you the moment there is a plan, going forward. After all, we know students have stuff in the school... and teachers at some point have to go in and pack their rooms up like every year as well :D


6. Do you know someone who needs computer access or help?!?!?!?! - Please, please, please let me know if you need help accessing a computer/internet or anything along those lines. I'd like to help the moment PWCS allows for some help regarding these troubling times. There are also already resources for students to aid in accessibility for all!


7. Office Hours - I'm available via e-mail/class tag daily, and after 5pm will respond as soon as I can or the next morning. Mondays through Fridays. If you would like you're able to request a zoom meeting with myself, scheduled for 1030am on Monday (in line with 5th grade). I can also help out through the day when needed/requested! Weekly class zoom meetings will continue to be at 1130am on Thursday's!


8. Zoom Meetings -I'm close to disabling the chat, and that seems unfair to me and others. I request parents to please monitor your children through those half hour to hour long meetings, as we've had a couple students spamming irresponsible messages. I provide a direct message warning, and then unfortunately it's a boot. 


What's New this week! - On our weekly activities page, there is a direct link to ENCORE teacher activities provided! There is a whole lot of activities provided, 60 minutes a week of activities to be exact! Check them out!


LAST, but not LEAST!!! SHOUT OUTS! (Will not be posted on class web page due to privacy...) Check out our ClassTag or PWCS Hub communication for individual SHOUT OUTS!!!

-Mr. Kanevsky

Update 4/13/2020

Good Morning/Afternoon!


Attached you'll find a PDF for this week's activities, which are also found within the FILES & DOCUMENTS  section of our class page here. 


Quick recognition to several students, Emily and Raymond for setting up Khan Academy and ReadWorks accounts in preparation for distance learning! Marley, Aubreya, Raymond, Liana, Skylar, Mary, Jesus, Alexa, John, Jaiveer, Jayden S, Daniel, and Baili for having more than 20 minutes total on Study Island activities the past month! Proud of you all!


Moving forward, while all assignments are optional, they are continually highly recommended. Moving forward we will be assigning ReadWorks assignments weekly, Khan Academy/Math skill focus, science and geography activities. We will continue providing access to Study Island and SOLpass as we continue throughout the next several weeks.


As always, our weekly ZOOM meeting/office hour will be 1130am on THURSDAY's for you to come in - ask questions - talk about what you're doing - and just see each other. Zoom information and links will be sent the day of. 


If you have any questions/comments/concerns, please reach out via e-mail (Kanevsj@pwcs.edu) or on ClassTag M-F from 8am to 5pm! 


-Mr. Kanevsky

Update 3/31/2020

First: Our weekly ZOOM meeting will be THIS Thursday 4/2 at 11:30am. This will last about a half hour, and will allow students to talk/ask questions/give them a chance to see each other. You can join on THURSDAY 4/2 at the link (https://zoom.us/j/107874534)

Attached find a PDF that has been uploaded on my class web page at the following invitation...
(Update 3/31 Message).

This resource is a SAMPLE schedule that you may follow with students throughout the day's currently. All activities are suggested, as well as the resources.

On the PDF there are "links" hyperlinked in "blue." These links should take you the appropriate sites.

Once again, health and family come first, so please continue staying healthy! If there are any questions, please send me a message on CLASSTAG, an e-mail at Kanevsj@pwcs.edu!


Update 3/25/2020

While your students are at home, they need to keep their skills sharp! It is good to get them into a daily routine that includes some academic activities.  PWCS has created a wonderful Home Learning page that includes suggested schedules, curriculum and activities for all grade levels.  Here is the link to the page.  

PWCS Home Learning Page

Below are suggestions for practice and reinforcement of things that they have learned in school this year. Please note, these are not graded assignments, just additional resources provided for students to access at home.


1. Scholastic online is offering free daily lessons that involve reading articles. They are interesting and will reinforce reading, math and science skills! The link is here and in the Student Links.

Scholastic Learn at Home

2. I created new Study Island practice assignments that include only topics that have already been taught. There is a lesson to be read first then they will complete a practice assignment. Directions for accessing Study Island from home are included in the classroom files under At Home Learning Activities.  

3. SOL study guides and practice for math and science are included in the At Home Learning Activities folder. Students can use these guides to study vocabulary and practice math skills. 

4. Students may read books and take AR quizzes from home. The AR system has been opened up. Students need their AR username and password to access the program. I have taken the levels off so that they can take an AR quiz on any book that they read.  

5. Students can access Brain Pop, Discovery Online learning, Raz Kids, free online books and many other programs through the Penn website. The login information is in the At Home Learning Activity folder.

6. Students can continue to work on their Country research projects at home. Please do send me any finished projects so I can see students work! I'd also like to see the visual representations as they become available (tiktok, minecraft, vlogs are ok as well as posters/trifolds) 

7.  If your student is having difficulty accessing the internetcheck out the file  in the At Home Learning Activities called "No Tech Activities".  There are many fun suggestions that do not require the use of a device or access to the internet.  There is also a file with April Reading and Writing activities that does not require a device or the internet.  

8.  Students do not need to practice skills that they have not learned yet.  That will just cause frustration.  Included in files and documents is a folder with all of the pacing guides for this school year.  Please reference the pacing guides when selecting academic practice activities.

The following objectives were not covered this year:

:  We followed the pacing guide and completed all objectives through the middle of the Patterns/Functions/Algebra unit.  The objectives NOT covered in this unit were 5.18 Number patterns and 5.19 a,b,c,d variables.  Geometry and Probability were not covered at all this year.

Science:  All units were covered through Matter.  Light, Sound and Family Life were not covered.

Language Arts:  Poetry, descriptive writing and author's purpose were not covered.

Geography:  Units 1-5 were taught.  Units 6-9 were not covered.

Update 3/24/2020

Good Afternoon!

In light of recent news and awareness, I'd like to schedule a virtual "Say Hello!" using the internet app ZOOM. Parents AND students are welcome to join together, However I'm asking all parents to be on for the first couple minutes just so you're aware the virtual meeting is occurring. 

This mini virtual say hello is just going to be a quick check in, a time for you to ask questions, a time for me to give you answers (if answers are known), and just check in.... of course in a social distancing manner.

I've CC'd Ms. Simpson our Assistant Principal to this e-mail, to invite you all to say hello virtually and so we can all catch up. 

I don't forsee this taking any longer than 30 minutes, and you can leave as you see fit throughout the meeting.

Couple directions and rules:

1. Use the following link (https://zoom.us/j/253465018) to join the Zoom meeting.

2. Use only your students FIRST name for the meeting. PLEASE for privacy, avoid using your last name. 

3. Parents must be present in the first 5 minutes, at least, to say hello and understand the video meeting. 

4. Be aware of your video background and/or what might become visible on your computer screen.

I hope to see you all there on Thursday at 12pm. Cheers!

Stay Healthy!

-Mr. Kanevsky

UPDATE 3/21/2020

Good Afternoon Parents!

                This is a weekly update regarding PWCS COVID-19 instructional status. As you continue to know, school is closed until April 14th, 2020. A week ago I sent communication regarding “just in case” school closures…. With suggested activities and guidelines. Below please find a couple updates on what was sent out last week, as well as a new optional activity board.

  1. )My class webpage has been updated, and will continue to be updated via Penn’s website. Follow the link (https://pennes.pwcs.edu/cms/One.aspx?portalId=409937&pageId=2047696)
  2. )Inside of my class webpage, there is a separate page that has documents that were sent last week via ClassTag and The HUB… (https://pennes.pwcs.edu/cms/One.aspx?portalId=409937&pageId=2047699)
  3. )PWCS has provided a new website to provide Home Learning assistance for parents who need it. It has sample schedules, activities, and the like. Please check it out at the following link (http://www.pwcs.edu/academics___programs/home_learning?fbclid=IwAR2gwoZyQazs3yNi9Of8zg3YTCyynnEOvCAelYbfTgzZBgla1Qw4er72tFY)
  4. )Below enjoy a mini summary of what was sent home last week…
    1. STUDY ISLAND – I have assigned temporary study island activities for the month that PWCS has closed. I have assigned Math, Language Arts, and Science activities. If students are logging onto Study Island I ask that you monitor as best as you can students completion of what is being practiced. A recommendation would be to blue ribbon 3 standards daily (1 in each topic)
    2. COUNTRY RESEARCH PROJECT – Students who were present in school last Friday 3/13, took home COUNTRY RESEARCH notes in varying levels of completion. Students may finish researching or choose a brand-new country to research (using the materials uploaded to ClassTag and my Website). 
    3. SOL REVIEW PACKETS Sci/Math – While I’m unsure of the SOLs being administered as of 3/21, the review packets maintain ALL the skills students should know heading into sixth grade and beyond for Math and Science. By next weekend 3/28 I’ll have a document sent out/uploaded with what standards we have NOT TAUGHT as of 3/13.
  5. )NEW optional activities (Low/No Tech needed)… Attached and uploaded will be a set of activities for FOUR WEEKS, with one assignment daily that requires little to no technology. Check

If you’re comfortable sharing our learning, go ahead and tweet photos and activities that are going on at home. Use the following hashtags to promote and show your learning to the community! #pennESpanthers #pwcsproud. Most importantly, tweet at me @KanevskyJay and I’ll give your activities a retweet.

Stay healthy, have as much fun as you can, and we’ll get through this. If you need to contact me please do on Class Tag, e-mail (Kanevsj@pwcs.edu). We’re in this together!-Mr. Kanevsky


Attached, please find suggested activities. Students who were in school (3/13/2020) received a paper copy. All of what was given in a paper format, is attached in this document AND also on my class webpage (link: https://pennes.pwcs.edu/cms/One.aspx?portalId=409937&pageId=2047699).

! The first page is a Study Island "How to..." Study Island logins are present on their Green Folder on the "inside pocket."
!! The second part is our Country Research. Students all have begun research to varying degrees. Students may continue their research at home, or start new research if interested. Presentations include a written portion (5 paragraphs, 5 or more sentences per paragraph) and a visual. Visuals can be technology oriented or paper (posters, trifolds, tiktoks, vlogs, minecraft/fortnite creator videos).
!!! The next two pieces are SOL review packets that were to be sent out in the next two weeks. Included is a MATH sol review. We have not taught a couple subjects, but this includes the SOL standard, a description of how it is taught and looks, as well as a couple practice problems at the end. The next is a SCIENCE study guide checklist for all fourth and fifth grade science topics. Everything in science has been taught besides.... sound/light.
!!! Study Island activities will be created within the day, with activitiesfor MATH/SCIENCE/LANGUAGE ARTS. These activities are not for blue ribbons, even though blue ribbons can still be earned. Lesson mode is a mode students can use to review/learn/relearn what they're about to practice. Practice mode provides practice. Game mode, is the most popular mode for students to use, and provides breaks and games for students while answering questions. If a question is answered INCORRECTLY, there is ALWAYS an explanation for students about why. Please make sure students are reading that before continuing.

!!! As the situation in PWCS, NoVa, and the US continues to evolve... I will continue to be available via CLASSTAG and EMAIL (kanevsj@pwcs.edu).

THESE SUGGESTED ACTIVITIES ARE highly recommended, but not required. Obviously if there is any instructional time missed, completing these activities will aid students in continuing their learning... however family time and maintaining good health is of the utmost importance.



How to Set-up Calendar Alerts:
If your child is in my class, and you would like to receive email alerts for items posted to my calendar, you may view step-by-step directions here:

Please note: You will receive a separate email alert for each calendar you choose to subscribe to.