Microsoft Teams- I am asking that all my students, if they can, log into their e-mail accounts here. I have set up a virtual classroom for the students to be able to ask me questions and where I will also be posting weekly plans and activities.
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Your child's email address is their computer log in (for school) with at the end. For example, my daughter's email is Typical log in is the first 6 letters of the students last name, first initial, middle initial and then the last two digits of their graduation year. I will try to upload a list of their usernames, but I do not have access to their passwords as only they do.

I have set this up and invited all the students with their emails. If you have time throughout the week, try to have your child log into their account and find the email that has invited to Mrs. Oles 4th Grade Team. If you have any issues, let me know.