I am posting some math activities for you to enjoy. Splat and Esti-Mysteries were class favorites. Your child knows how to do those. They are great fun for old and young alike! 

Bed Time Math-  http://bedtimemath.org/ Stories and puzzles that helps parent talk math with their kids. Each day presents a non-fiction article, with videos and photos, followed by related math riddles for kids ages 3-9. This includes Cabin Fever Math which are engaging, hands-on math activities for families.

3-Act-Tasks- https://gfletchy.com/3-act-lessons/Problem-based lessons, including engaging videos and photos, to foster students’ curiosity and incorporate mathematical reasoning and problem solving.

Splat-  https://stevewyborney.com/2017/02/splat/ Fun, very powerful, highly interactive number sense activities that can be used at any grade level!

Esti- Mysterieshttps://stevewyborney.com/2018/11/esti-mysteries-estimation-meets-math-mysteries/ Estimation Meets Math Mysteries.  Each image invites students to wonder what number is represented by the image.

Greg Tang Mathhttps://gregtangmath.com/ This site includes a wide variety of mathematics games and resources to challenge students’ math thinking, reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Open-Middle-  https://www.openmiddle.com/whats_open_middle/ Challenging math problems at all grade levels with multiple ways to approach and ultimately solve the problem.

Thinking Blocks-  https://www.mathplayground.com/thinkingblocks.html Uses a visual model to support understanding of word problems.

Number Talk/Journal - Roll dice or use playing cards to identify a number then journal all the ways to make/solve for this number (use more than one for two digit and higher numbers).

Addition and Subtraction Stories- Students act out addition and subtraction story problems using story mats. Present a variety of real-life situations involving small numbers and have children act them out and represent them using story mats. Ask questions such as What’s happening in the problem? What will the answer tell us? How can we find out? Can we solve it? Is there another way to solve it? Story Mats can be found as a PDF in "Files and Documents."

Counting and Comparing Dominoes – Students use dominoes and number cards to recognize numbers, number combinations, one more than, one less than, and same as.

 Dunk It Dominoes – Students use dominoes to practice addition facts.