To access these lessons, go to  Enter the requested code for each. I will be adding more... so check back!

Optional Lessons for the week of 6/1/2020 are posted below- The American Flag, Summer, and LA Scavenger Hunt.

Ordering Words- Reading Sentences with Sight Words- June-2-2020. Posted below

Coin Identification- 5-27-2020 Posted as a PowerPoint

Memorial Day- Social Studies for the week of May 26- 29- See the PowerPoint in the Memorial Day folder on this page. Also as a Nearpod- RUXLW

Magnets- Science for the week of May 26- 29- See PowerPoint in the Magnet folder.

Story Problems- 5-21-2020 The code is USEJM. The optional social studies activity is Maps and Globes and is posted below. 

Short Vowel Sentences 5-20-2020. The code is JTBKM

SPLAT! 5-19-2020 This is a powerpoint lesson. Please look below for the folder.

Fill In the Blank Sight Word Sentences 5-18-2020
The code is RMWSO The science optional activity is posted below- Light and Shadows

Estimation- 5-13- 2020 This is a PowerPoint slide show. Please find it below. The name of the folder is Lesson4Esti-MysteryMore-Pieces-Than-You-Can-See May13. You will need to play it as a slide show for it to be interactive.

Diagraph SH- 5-12-2020 The Nearpod code is UBPZF

States of Matter- 5-11-2020 The Nearpod code for States of Matter is PEBSR. Enrichment is throughout the interactive lesson. A writing opportunity is at the end using the vocabulary from the lesson.

Community Helpers- 5-7-2020 The Nearpod code for this lesson is CQGIR. Enrichment is on the last slide of the Nearpod lesson.

Counting On- Counting Back - 5-6-2020 The Nearpod code for this lesson is BVRYM Steve Wyborney's Maze Hundred Chart can be downloaded from  The manipulatives I used can be found at  Use my email- and kinderroom101 to get in.

The Water Cycle- 5-4-2020. The Nearpod code for this lesson is WJZYI

Earth Day Lesson- 4-30-2020. The Nearpod code for this lesson is SYPWQ. Additional activities are in the Nearpod. 

Thinking About Numbers Lesson 4-29-2020 The Nearpod code for this lesson is BLQEH. Additional materials are in a file folder on this page.

Life Cycle of Butterflies Lesson 4-27-2020 The Nearpod code for this lesson is NGSJQ.  Supporting resources can be found at:  Brain Pop Jr.-Username: paws Password penn. Go to View the movie-Butterflies. Complete the activity on Brain Pop Jr. page- Make a life cycle mobile and "Write about It" sections. Draw a picture of the butterfly life cycle and send the picture to me by text or email. Make sure you label the egg, larva, pupa, and butterfly!

Fairy Tale Lesson - 4-21- 2020  The Nearpod code for this lesson is EGAIJ. Supporting documents are on this page in a folder named Fairy Tales.

Number Bond Lesson- 4-22-2020 The Nearpod code is XDMSR

Good Citizens Lesson- 4-23-2020 The Nearpod code is YVTMX. Supporting documents are on this page in a folder named Good Citizens.

Other Nearpods....

Language Arts :

Letters, Sounds, Words
Is it a letter, sound, or word? This lesson identifies each and ask students to either say the name of the letter, give the sound for a letter, or say a picture word.

The code for Letters. Sounds, Words is YRIFQ

Short Vowels
Review all short vowels.

The code for Short Vowels is ZFWAQ


Number Bonds
Which two numbers bond to form another number (Part and Part is Whole)

The code for Number Bonds is RVUSM