Internet Safety Resources



  • Cyber Tip Line
    A place to report crimes against children including:
    • Reports may be made 24-hours a day, 7 days a week online at or by calling 1-800-843-5678.
  • FBI Publications -
    A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety Helpful tips for parents to protect their children from pornography and online dangers.
  • Protegiendo Sus Actividades En Linea
    l Internet es un recurso extraordinario para los niños. Les permite ver el Rover en Marte en tiempo
    actual o mirar grabaciones en video de los animales silvestres.
    Sin embargo, puede ser una fuente de ansiedad para los padres y es la razón por la cual las familias
    deben estar involucradas. En seguida se encuentran algunas sugerencias para comenzar:
  • Safeguarding Kids’ Online Activities
    The Internet is an extraordinary resource for our children. It allows them to see what the Mars Rover is up to in real time or watch video footage of animals in the wild.
    However, it can be a frightening place for parents, which is why families need to be involved. Here’s how to start:
  • School
    Internet Safety
    Keep your kids safe while they surf the Web—tips for talking with yourf amily about Internet safety, what kids are doing online, and more.
  • Teen Chat Acronym Decoder Ever wonder what your child is really saying online?
    Understanding your kids online chat get's harder everyday, and the acronym and abbreviations that they use in their instant and chat messages don't make it any easier for parents. By using the Teen Chat Decoder online acronym database, parents can "stay current" with the lingo and chat abbreviations that their kids use everyday.