Renaissance Home Connect™
Renaissance Home Connect improves the school-to-home connection by allowing parents and students to log in to a Web site and view the student’s reading practice and progress towards goals.  Each marking period, teachers will set goals for students to reach by taking quizzes in Accelerated Reader, about the books they have read. Ask your child what their AR Goal is, and what they are reading to achieve this goal. Access to online results promotes discussion between parents and students, which motivates students and can make reading practice even more effective. In addition, parents can specify up to six email addresses to receive automatic updates in English or Spanish on their student’s reading progress.
Your student uses a software program called Renaissance Place at school. This program has a special feature called Renaissance Home Connect, which can be accessed outside of school from any computer with an Internet connection. Renaissance Home Connect is fun and easy to use.It allows the teacher, you and your child to share information about their progress in Accelerated Reader. You can view Renaissance Home Connect from any computer with an Internet connection using these browsers:
• Internet Explorer® 7.x-9.x
• Firefox® 4.x or later
• Safari™ 3.x-5.1

To log in to Renaissance Home Connect
User Name = First letter of student’s first name and first 4 letters of their last name
(i.e. George Washington would be gwash)
Password: First 6 letters of their last name (i.e. washin)
If you'd like to receive emails showing your student's quiz or test results, click the Email Setup link in Renaissance Home Connect and follow the directions. To be sure these emails reach your inbox, [email protected] to your address book. If you have questions about Renaissance Home Connect, please call your student's school.

Meet Your Goal!
All students in grades 2-5 will be given an individual goal to meet in AR for each marking period by their teacher.  All students who reach or exceed their individual reading goal at the end of each marking period will receive an award certificate. New goals are set at the beginning of each marking period. One diligent reader in each grade level, 2nd through 5th, who earns the greatest amount of AR points by the end of the school year will receive a special certificate and a reward representing their outstanding accomplishment. So, encourage your student to keep on reading!