Please refer to VDH and CDC websites for COVID information related to school setting:

PWCS COVID dashboard

Virginia Department of Health - K-12 Education

CDC - How to Protect Yourself and Others

Vision and Hearing Notice

Vision and Hearing screenings are required by VA.Code 22.1-273 for all students new to PWC schools and for students in grades K, 3, 7, and 10.These screenings will be conducted by the school nurses within 60 days of starting school. When appropriate, referrals for follow up care with private health care provider will be sent home. School nurses may also check vision and hearing when requested by educators, parents, or students. If you have updated information from your health care provider, please call the school nurse and send a copy of the report. Parents may also exclude students from a specific screening with a written notification to the school nurse.


Students who needs to see the nurse for any reason is given a clinic pass from the teacher. This clinic pass will be returned with the student, after the nurse/clinic attendant has added their notes. The clinic pass will go home with student so parents can be informed of any visits their child had to the clinic. The pass will be a yellow carbon copy sheet. Phone calls will still be made when deemed medically necessary.
Please contact the school nurses for any questions or concerns. 571-589-2687

Handwashing important to stop the spread of germs

Scoliosis screening

It is important to be aware of signs of scoliosis in your child. This is a condition that can be easily corrected if treated early. Please see below for the Scoliosis Fact Sheet.

Proper medication disposal

There is a growing concern in Virginia about improper medication disposal. When disposing of your unused or expired medications, please put in a sealed bag with cat litter or coffee ground, seal the bag and throw in trash.
Do NOT flush medications down your toilet...or leave them open in trash for children or animals to get hold of.
Please see link below..meds disposal..

9-5-2-1-0 FOR HEALTH

tipping the scales 9-5-2-1-0 for health

9-hours of sleep
5- fruits and vegetables each day
2-no more than 2 hours of screen time a day
1- hour of exercise each day
0-sugary drinks

Please talk with your children about the importance of a healthy lifestyle.
See tipping the scales link below for more details.

Medications at School
All medicine (over the counter or prescription) administered at school,must have a medication authorization form on file in the clinic. Prescription medicine must have a physician's signature on the form before medicine can be administered. All medicine must be in its original container, with the child's name on it. The form and medicine must be brought to school by a parent or other adult, and will be kept in the school clinic. Cough drops are no longer considered medication and can be carried by students without medication form. Cough drops need to be in their original package.
Students with allergies and/or asthma should have an asthma and/or allergy plan on file as well.

  • Have general Questions about Covid-19 protocols that Impact your student?
    Send and email to [email protected] or call 703.791.7845 to leave a message with your question.
  • Emergency Resources:
  • ACTS Helpline - 703.368.4141
  • 1.800.SUICIDE (24-hour hotline) - 1.800.784.2433
  • Crisis Text Hotline (24-hour hotline) - 741741
  • PWC Child Protective Services Hotline - 703.792.4200
  • PWC Community Services Board - 703.792.7800 (western PWCS) or 703.792.4900 (eastern PWCS)